Internal Organs I

After opening the abdominal and chest cavities, visually identify the labeled structures found below.

Separate your pig's intestines until you can distinguish between small and large intestines. How can you tell them apart? If there is time later, you may come back and determine how long your pig's intestines actually are.  At this time you might want to make a rough drawing of these organs, but it might behoove you to wait until later since not all organs required for Diagram #2 are visible at this point.

Can you find the pig's atria and ventricles? How about the aorta and vena cava? This may be a good time to do Diagram #3.  Label them all in your drawings. You may need separate sketches. Using one of the class manuals for help.

Also, this is the time to try and identify the sex of you pig.  Use the manuals and complete Diagram #4.

Once you have sketched and labeled all of the structures in this diagram and in this page, you can investigate the digestive and excretory systems in more detail.